Industrial water sandblasting

Clemco WETBLAST FLEX, compact system for water sandblasting

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Wetblast Flex is a system for industrial water sandblasting all in one, extremely flexible and movable through its fork-lift support and the eye-bolts for lifting.
It’s been designed in a simplified way to allow an easy stop after the work session. That is obtainable by mixing the abrasive with water after the dosing valve, thus it is no longer necessary to empty the machine. By placing the water injector after the dosing valve, it’s possible to mix up the blend water/abrasive at any time.

The vapour abrasive sandblasting is similar to the dry sandblasting, except for the fact that the abrasive is humidified before it hits the surface. This procedure reduces most of the powder normally produced in dry sandblasting (a reduction by 92%)


As the water sandblasting reduces the amount of powder, we need less containment measures and it takes less to clean the abrasive. Since the vapour sandblasting requires an inferior amount of water compared to other technologies such as conventional humid sandblasting, we have no water-holes and no toxic emissions. The final result is a cleaner process and more contained.
The Clemco WETBLAST FLEX system is easy to use and it avoids any settings on site. It’s got a comfortable design, it’s easily handable and it allows a simplified functioning.



water sanblasting / dry blasting
This system can be used in several sectors for many purposes such as the painting removal, graffiti, industrial covering and horizontal signs. It’s recommended for metal cleaning, for wood and stone parts, for the recovering of monuments and artefacts, for lead and asbestos reduction, for the maintenance of sites and buildings.


Dimensions: 2.000 x 800 x 1.500H mm – peso 420kg

N.1 Sandblaster (Tank capacity abrasive 140 litres)
N.1 Tank (water tank capacity 500 Litres)
N.1 water pump W – 92 with filter and pressure regulator
N.1 switch for the abrasive cut-off
N.1 HMS humidity separator
N.1 PT measuring valve
N.1 RLX control lever, double function
N.1 nozzle diam.9.5 mm made of tungsten carbide
MT10 Hoses in abrasive rubber 32 x 8 with joints

Pressure air max. : 8 bar
Water Pressure (suggested) : 2-4 bar
Water Pressure : 4:1
Flow : 15 lt/min.
Air Flow a 8 bar : 0,15 mc/min