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Clemco international is worldwide renowned due to the high quality of its industrial free-spray sandblasters

Camit srl has been distributing Clemco’s products since 1997, and through its competence and know-how it will drive you to choose the most suitable product and it will provide you with technical assistance and spare parts.

From a single replacement part to the complete equipment, our warehouse is offering you a huge range of products

Operator safety – complete protection – full comfort

The operator safety is a priority, Clemco’s accessories, EC certified, protect the operator from the excessive heating, cold, dust, noise, irritating substances and all the risks he could come across while working. The protection, combined with the comfort, is Clemco’s greatest strength. When the machinery is used coupled with the most suitable accessories, the operator will perform safely and focused on the work itself, reaching the top productivity levels.


CMS– Carbon Monoxide (CO) Warning Device

The CMS ®CLEMCO is designed to detect the carbon monoxide in the air breathed inside the sandblasting rooms.
The carbon monoxide may be produced as a consequence of the compressor malfunctioning. Its presence could also be due to a contamination of the air intakes.

The CMS, through a visual and acoustic alert, warns the operator about the presence of Carbon Monoxide in the air. Two models are available


Mobile unit for a single operator, it’s placed inside the operator’s helmet to alert him the soonest possible through vibration, visual and acoustic alert

Il CMS-2

Mobile unit for several operators and connected to the general air supply (T-piece) so that the breathed air can be fully controlled. The box allows the transport of this last preventing any sort of damage or shock.

Operator helmet  APOLLO 600 / 100

Original Clemco Helmets, rectangular visor, nylon cape and valve for the air control with belt.


Huge range of cartridges of several lengths and diameters, with high quality filtering materials: cellulose and polyester certified BIA


Operator helmet EKO

Camit provides several types of helmets and protection caps for the operator, combined with the suitable accessories

Nozzles for sandblasting

Complete range of nozzles resistant to wear and made of silicon carbide, boron, tungsten. They are to be used with free-spray sandblasters even with abrasives and hard grit. Several diameters and lengths available.