Sand Blasting and painting systems by CAMIT

Industrial systems for the treatment of metal surfaces
(preparation, finishing, cleaning)

  • Sand Blasting systems
  • Painting systems
  • Mixed systems for blasting and painting
  • Metallisation systems
  • Cabins for cleaning
  • Special plants (huge projects / mixed processes)


  • Carpentry and metal constructions, Chemical plants, oil plants,
    depuration systems, Thermal power plants, Nuclear, road and railway bridges , Cranes and construction equipment, Machine tools, processing and treatment of metals and various, Industrial and vehicles’ bodies, foundries, electro-technical, electronic, power plants, pipes, profile shapes, plates and small metal products, wood (paint removal or ageing), glass (coating), constructions by special steels (Inx, titanium)


  • Design and viability studies
    Noise reduction
    Simulations (through software)
    Reduction of emissions
    Power saving

Camit provides systems for the treatment of metal surfaces and it also provides the complete production line (cleaning, blasting, painting, metallisation, drying). In addition, Camit provides the most suitable solution for handling (cart on-track, monorail running through cabins or possible use of overhead travelling crane)
– We offer variable size systems, to work on both big size and small size artifacts, equipped with fixed or movable platforms for the operators.
– Camit provides the customer with ad-hoc solutions, matching the needs and going through any possible problem to obtain the best product possible turnkey. Viability assessment, design of the most suitable solution and study of the environmental conditions
–CAMIT carries out the complete project, from the digging required for the installation. It develops in-house the design and the manufacturing of all parts. Then it delivers, mounts and checks the system on site.
– CAMIT operates all over Italy, providing systems for the installation, support and maintenance
– The final check is carried out through suitable equipment measuring the system’s performances (flow, speed, pressure, lux, noise emission). Camit issues all final reports made by the operators
– CAMIT is certified ISO9001- It mainly uses made in Italy products and it avails itself of certified suppliers
– CAMIT has been designing and supplying covering systems  for more than 20 years, carrying out
–The modular elements part of the cabins are easily mountable, speeding up the assembly and allowing future modifications (moving, expansions)
–Construction liability, high quality components and attention to details. That is how we ensure the endurance and lasting of our products.
– Camit’s systems are marked by their filtration systems with controlled intake air-flow, which ensures an optimal visibility throughout the phase of covering. This particular feature also guarantees a suitable air speed inside paint-spraying booths in accordance with the rules in matter of emission and safety at work